Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jurassic Park Rendition

Well..... summer is about to lose its grip which means fall is right around the corner. It's just about time for me to head back to the place where the GIANTS lurk. Jurassic Park, Pigville, Hogland, call it what you'd like. All I know is there are opportunities for a trout of a lifetime on a daily basis. Without having to spend 1000's of dollars and traveling half way around the world.

Charlotte with a TOAD. Fish blew out the 15lb. net scale.
There are trout in the 12lb. plus range that we see time after time, year after year. These fish have PhD's in fly identification; therefore, they are often extremely difficult to trick. Your angling skills will be tested but the experience will be noteworthy. Always remember that "luck is a skill" when it comes to angling.

Stream X has one of the heaviest bio masses of any stream sampled in the lovely Commonwealth of Virginia. These fish eat like sows in the proverbial pig trough. The shallow flats part with life with each wading step- dace, sculpins, craws, shiners, chubs, suckers, horny heads, you name it. Not to mention, the abundant aquatic and terrestrial insects. I've seen 10lb. fish come to the surface and devour 8-10 inch horny heads that we had at the end of the line. Only to take it to the bottom and snap the line with a massive gator role. Incredible sight!

I do what I do because I love it. I love the smiles but mostly the excitement in peoples eyes when something special happens. Experiences are what life is all about. In fact, one can never have too many experiences, especially good experiences.
"It was a real treat to observe a very large trout in his feeding zone go through the process of picking out the fly moving toward him, assessing whether or not it was worth eating, and then positioning himself to take the fly. Then.... actually watching him turn, open his mouth, and take the fly. Exciting stuff to watch for any fly fisherman. I also very much appreciated observing how a true professional guide goes about his business. I found it interesting how you assessed our personalities and then tailored your attention and support to each of us. Thank you for a day full of memories." Lee Rinehart

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the trip in Virginia yesterday. Al and I both had a fantastic time and would like to do it again sometime. I don't think either one of us will soon forget that 'hog' stripping out his line into the backing!" John Meier

"Just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. Elizabeth and I went to bed laughing because all we could see were fish in the river when we closed our eyes. Truly an amazing way to begin. Not to let you down on our excitement about the size of the fish, but we really enjoyed the lessons just as much. I can't tell you how much more confident we both are from one day with you. You are where you were meant to be." Jamie Ference

When the conditions are right and the stars are aligned, this is sight fishing for trout at its best. To me, there is nothing better than spotting a feeding fish, positioning the angler, directing he/she where to cast, watching the fish rear up on the fly and flare the gills, then shouting "Set the hook". I enjoy the hunt and watching the process unfold more than being the one holding the rod. In fact, it's more of a rush for me to assist and coach during this process.

Join me for a day on the water. Fishing is fishing not catching but I can bet you will still have a memorable experience. And, maybe even a decent stream side meal :)

Dave Hise- Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide

Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide 

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