Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fly Pattern of the Fall- Squirmy Wormie

All we can say is, DEADLY! This squiggly worm has the tendency to TEAR THEM UP. Trout, steelhead, panfish, bass, carp, you name it. This pattern has caught them all. Wild, stocked, native, invasive, squirmy has no limits. It has been our best selling fly since last winter. Available only at Casters Fly Shop Online Store in Glow in the Dark, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, and Insect Green.

Beware, this pattern will make you squeamish if you're a purist. Some say, "you may as well be fishing with garden hackle and salmon eggs". Phewy! It's still a fly regardless of the material used. How can we say that? We sit at the bench and tie every one of them. Take away synthetic fly tying materials and we'll be left with very little to play with at the bench. No more Mushmouths, EP Crabs, Chernobyl Ants, Pole Dancers, Hise's Waxy's, Kinky Muddlers, Norm's Sculpins, Tequeely's, High Vis Ants and Beetles, San Juan Worms, blah, blah, blah.

Remember, its all about being on the water or even at the fly tying bench. To each his own. Just try not to dis those who choose to do things differently than you choose, especially if they are within the legal bounds of the law.


  1. just a little warning to anyone out there that may want to tie this pattern themselves. Do not use any type of soft plastic(ex berkly power wigglers) with scent enhancement it is now illegal in all c&r water and all park streams. One is not even allowed to have them on his person while on a park stream. My uncle learned this the hard way. Big fine. Im sure most people are aware of this and let me make it clear as not to upset dave or his marketing his squirmyies are not scent enchanced. Alo the ranger told my uncle that even those worm shaped sort plastics or any soft plastics for that matter that are scentless and legal must be tied to the hook in some manner not just impaled in some manner. Just a little warning incase u run into some over zealous game warden or park offical they will take your fly and attempt to smell it or may keep it all together for further anaylisis. Ive seen it happen in purpose so beware and putting scent on the squirmies is illegal as well. This is by no means a knock on the squirmy wormies but just beware or the fine line, because the man is watching, lol.

  2. call 1-800-POACHER and do your part to stop the reaping of our streams.

  3. I used the squirmy and it works GREAT thanks Dave for making them and to John Dollar for telling me about them.

  4. Don't forget about taking pictures of them as well Dave. You can email them to Wildlife and they will be happy to follow up!