Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cool New Products

This time of the year is one of my favorite times as a fly shop owner. It is the time of the year when new products are unveiled from manufacturers and distributors from around the world. Just as every year, there are quite a few items that stand alone in their respective categories- MooseKnuckle Lanyards, Sculpin Helmets, and the Buff Bugslinger UV Buff to name a few.

As a tier, I am most intrigued by the J:sonSweden System which was designed and developed by Claes Johansson from Sweden. Some may say that his system is crossing the line between tying flies and creating lures but Id have to say PHOOEY. Synthetic materials are synthetic materials and natural materials are natural materials. Fly tying is about creating so it shouldn't matter what we use as long as we sit at the tying bench and create with tying tools, thread and the necessary materials.

Once again, what is a purist? I guess I'm a purist in my own right but my school of purist thought is that anglers and tiers can do what they want if it gives them pleasure and remains within the bounds of the law. After all, we all participate in the wonderful world of fishing and tying because it makes up part of our soul. One technique isn't better than another. All that matters is that we all reach a sense of individual satisfaction and gratification, and we're all comfortable with the way we achieved those feelings.

The J:son System is really cool. Tiers can now create ultra realistic dry flies, emergers, pupae, nymphs and larva without having to spend a ton of time doing it.

The wing and wing pad burners are brilliantly designed from stainless steel and the detached body pins aren't too shabby either.

Click here to check out the J:son System in detail. 

Click here to find free step by steps. 


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