Monday, March 21, 2011

Current Fishing Report

Wellllll...... pretty tough fishing this weekend. High and milky water on all the streams I frequent. Saw tiny winter blacks in the morning, early black stones in the early afternoon, and small crane flies and tan caddis in the afternoon. High 40 to low 50 degree water.

Saturday we only put 4 fish in the net and probably missed a few more. White streamers were the ticket (woolly buggers, little rascals, etc.). Sunday was an even tougher day. Peter and his brother, John, jumped 3 fish the entire day. Again, white streamers were the ticket. By 5pm, we still hadn't put a fish in the net. 

It was now 5pm and the "skunk" seemed to be immanent. Then, all at once our luck changed. I was scanning a particular run that has been a good producer for me through the years. The water had cleared a bit but was still quite murky; therefore, I could make out shapes and objects but it was still difficult to differentiate snags and rocks from fish. At one point, I noticed a rather large figure in the milky water that I hadn't seen in the past but also figured the prolonged high water that we've experienced this late winter may have moved things around a bit. 

As a last ditch effort, I had the guys throw some casts in the run while still eying the dark shape I had spotted. Roughly 10 casts later, the object turned and I yelled "set the hook." The fight was on. The end result is below (this is the best pic we got; even the cameraman was trembling). 

The moral to the story is, never give up until its over :-)