Saturday, July 23, 2011

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I have a Mooseknuckle.

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Daily Drivel

To nymph or not to nymph? That is the question. Sure, we all enjoy catching trout on the surface on a dry fly but that isn't a reality most of the time. As trout fisherman, our best line of attack is to abide by the old adage that trout feed under the surface roughly 90% of the time throughout their life. Sure.... we have the opportunity to catch fish on the surface that other 10% but that doesn't seem like good odds. Go with the percentages. Fish nymphs, pupae or emergers a majority of the time and your fish hooking rate will increase dramatically. Putting the fish in the net is another topic.

8lb. 'bow taken on a size 16 Hetero-Genius nymph

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Casters Fall Steelhead Trip- Nov. 19-22

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Join us as we travel to western Michigan, where we will be fishing one of the finest steelhead waters in the world, the Mighty Muskegon River. Spey and traditional fly fishing gear will be used to employ various techniques; which include indicator nymphing, bottom bouncing, and/or swinging streamers. The first 2 days we will be fishing from jet/drift boats with Gray Drake Outfitters. The third day we will be on our own (walk and wade). We will be staying at the Gray Drake/Trout and Eagle Lodge.

Steelies or "chromers", as they are affectionately known, are an exceptional fish. They are known to be extremely aggressive, consuming almost anything that comes across their path; sculpins, trout, and other forage fish are prime targets; as well as, many aquatic nymphs, larvae, crustaceans, and (of course) EGGS. The "fall" fish usually begin their migration out of the Great Lakes in October and the "spring" fish start making their move in late February in preparation for their annual spawning ritual. Middle November is historically "peak" for these rockets. Fall steelhead are one of the hardest fighting fish in freshwater. They are amazingly acrobatic, employing cork screws, alligator rolls, high flying aerials, and reverse somersaults. They are fired up on "egg energy". In fact, their migration is triggered by several factors but the main attraction is the smorgasbord of food that the spawning salmon are offering as tablefare. Join in on the excitement and possibly catch the fish of a lifetime!

Only 3 spots are left. A deposit of $250 is required ASAP. 
  • The price for 2 days of guided fishing and 3 nights of lodging is $650.
  • The 3rd angling day is a FREE DAY wading on one of the areas tributaries.
  • Be sure to bring along a trout outfit and a steelhead oufit along with the appropriate terminal tackle.
  • Receive 15% off all clothing and gear if you decide to join us on this trip.
  • Airfare, transportation, gratuities, booze, and meals are additional expenses.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Burrowing Mayflies Abound

Hise's Burrowing Mayfly Nymphs and Nymph-o-Minnow-ac are in the house.

New and Improved

Check out the updated version of  the Casters Fly Shop Website. You'll find fly tying instructional videos and step by steps, river reports, USGS stream flow data, state fishing license information, articles, hatch charts, knot tying instruction, fish porn, and much more. Its a barn burner of a site.

Also, has been entirely updated. Check out the full selection of Orvis rods, reels, waders, packs, apparel, and tools and accessories; plus, dont forget the off the hook selection of fly tying tools and materials. We offer one of the most extensive fly tying product lines available. You'll find the bread and butter products but we also pride ourselves in having a great selection of hard to find and unusual materials. Sorry, the hair and jewelry artisans have cleaned out the supply of genetic hackle so dont expect to find any until the end of the year :-(

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