Monday, August 16, 2010

Tired of Out of Date Fishing Reports? Search No more.

I'm sure there is a plethora of anglers out there who have arranged a fishing trip to waters they've never been to, let alone fished. Some of those probably have connections they can rely on for local knowledge and inside information. While others have to rely on information that they collect from researching the designated area. Of course, these days the internet is the primary resource for such research.

To me, there is nothing worse than looking on a website for such information and seeing a fishing report from 3 years ago. I'm guilty of not keeping up with my reports but at least make an effort to make changes to them on a somewhat regular basis. This usually depends on the season. For instance, I fish very little during the dog days of summer. Not out of preference, it's just too darn hot in some areas of the southeast for productive fishing on a daily basis; so my reports remain somewhat stagnant. On the other hand, I'm on the water quite a lot from fall through spring; so I update my reports frequently.

Anyhow, I'd like make those aware of a great resource for up-to-date fishing reports and local knowledge. Orvis has come up with an ingenious method of getting this information. They have called upon the immense network of Orvis Endorsed operations throughout North America, like Guides, Lodges, and Outfitters, to take a nip out of those archaic fishing reports.  Plan your next fishing trip today.

Welcome to the most complete report of fly fishing conditions in North America. Our professional reports are updated weekly with stream and river flows, tides, recommended flies and equipment, and special fishing tips for the most important fly-fishing destinations in North America. Plan your next fishing trip knowing you'll arrive without any surprises—or discover some new fishing destinations in your area.

Link to Fly Fishing Reports and Conditions


  1. Hey fellow casters followers lets take this blog to a higher level by adding your latest reports of fishing trips. I think not only would it be helpful to all casters it would be entertaining as well. So i ask all to step up take a few minutes after your next trip let us all know the details of your adventure maybe some of those who couldnt get out could live through each other vicarously.

  2. come on guys lets here about those trips

  3. Sorry Josh, all I have are dreams to add :-)
    Anyone else?