Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waxy- The Deadly Waxworm

Have you grown tired of watching the winter bait chuckers slaying fish on waxworms drifted under a bobber? Well, you could join them by grabbing yourself a new Centerpin rod and reel, a saw dust filled canister of live waxworms, and a Drennan bobber. Or, you can continue to be hard headed by aimlessly throwing your fly rod with some sort of crazy creations at the end; which you are convinced will catch a steelie in sub 35 degree water.

Search no more! Hise's Waxy is a deadly waxworm imitation, especially for winter trout and steelhead. Notice the legs on the critters underside? Pretty cool technique.

I have heard conflicting reports about what a waxworm actually is but have come to the conclusion that it is the larvae of a certain moth, Pyralidae. In the wild, these creatures live as nest parasites in bee colonies where they eat the cocoons, pollen, and shed skins of bees; but, they also chew through beeswax. Fish love 'em but they probably wont ever see them in their natural environment.

Why do fish enjoy them so much? Possibly their smell (or stink) but also because most fish love worms and grubby looking things. They pop in their mouth like a piece of Flavor Burst Buggle Gum. Yummmmmmmmy! Hise's Waxy doesnt have the desired scent but they sure look the part.

Waxy is most effective when dead drifted under an indicator or high stick nymphed through the runs and pools. Designed and hand tied by Dave Hise. Try your hand at tying one or have them tied for you. Keep in mind, they aren't inexpensive.

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Waxy Step By Step


  1. I always knew there was a dirty bait chucker deep down in you Dave, now this pattern has proven just that! LOL just razzing you ole boy - KB

  2. Very creative. Fishing enthusiasts could really use these hooks and deceive those fishes. I'm not sure if they bite it though because it has a different smell that those waxworms. :)
    - WaxWormStore.com