Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fly of the Month

Hise's Hot Spot Hetero-genius™ 

The hetero-genius nymph pattern provides a realistic design with a hint of flash and color.

I have fished this nymph pattern, religiously, since the early 90's and it has fooled trout in streams throughout the world. Skeptics say it slays the "stockers", which is true. However, I've had a multitude of testimonials from anglers who have used it with great success in locales like New Zealand, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Argentina, Germany, California, Canada, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, you name it.

Why is it so productive? It is a great searching nymph but also shows characteristics of a multitude of mayfly and caddis species. The "hot spot" seems to be a trigger and there are a various theories of why that is. Consider this pattern the represent all nymph of all represent all nymphs. High stick nymph it or fish it under an indicator for the best results. Blue, yellow, chartreuse, hot orange, or hot pink hot spots have been the most productive; particularly hot orange and yellow.

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