Friday, January 21, 2011

Fly of the Week

Along with spring comes high, murky water which results from snow melt, thawing of the ground, and torrential rains. Prepare yourself now and fill your streamer box with your favorite patterns.

Big fish are always on the prowl during high water periods, looking for unsuspecting prey which are disoriented from the heavier flows and murky conditions. A perfect recipe for the giant, ambush predator to find a meal. Tans, browns, and creams tend to blend in to the stain of the water so use dark and/or bright patterns; white, black, yellow, pink, and blue hues are all excellent choices. I like patterns that have the silhouette of the prey in the area I am fishing in. Below is one of my favorite patterns for such conditions; however, it is also quite productive in clear water situations, as well.

hook: Orvis 8808
tail: crosscut rabbit (white)
underbody: UV Polar Chenille (red)
undercollar: Emulator Flash (pearl)
wing: Hareline Tiger Barred Rabbit 1/4"
collar: Hareline 2-Tone Rabbit
head: Flymen Fish Skull

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