Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is it a nymph or a minnow? Nymph-o-Minnow-ac

In actuality, it doesn't really matter what this pattern represents since the trout, bass, and steelhead love it. Nymph-o-Minnow-ac was designed to be suggestive of a wide array of aquatic life from small forage fish to larger mayfly nymphs (Hexagenia, Litobrancha, Ephemerra, etc.). The articulated feature gives this pattern unparalleled action and flutter. Give one a go!


Rear Hook:
tail- griz marabou
overbody- griz marabou
underbody- nymph skin
collar- pheasant aftershaft

Front Hook:
top junction- opossum
bottom junction- cream opossum
hackle- grouse rump
dubbing- UV lt. yellow Ice Dub
wing- opossum
eyes- mottled bead chain
bullethead- Haree Ice Dub
Casters Online Fly Shop- Nymph-o-Minnow-ac

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